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Trouble-free Service Throughout the Life Cycle

Quality and service are the value soul of BHM Company. Promote sales and development with services!



Services you can get

1.  BH Company provides you with a full lifecycle service for dry mortar production lines, from pre-sales, sales, to after-sales, aiming to build a long-lasting brand with excellent service!

2.  The full lifecycle of the product refers to the entire process from demand, planning, design, production, marketing, use, maintenance, and disposal.

BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd

Pre-sales Service

BHM service starts with providing professional and objective advice before purchase:

1.  Recommending the most suitable products based on the customer's capacity and environmental needs.

2.  Industry-leading technical experts provide professional answers to technical questions.

3.  Offering free site planning, designing the best workflow and solutions for customers.

4.  Providing free customization services according to customer's specific requirements.

5.  Offering professional knowledge for modifying existing factory components.


Sales Service

BHM offers installation, training, and trial operation services to ensure customers maximize the utilization of the equipment:

1.   Easy-to-use installation and maintenance manuals are provided.

2.   Engineers are assigned to guide customers on-site during installation and debugging.

3.   Training is provided for operation, troubleshooting, and routine maintenance.

4.   On-site trial operation with material.


After-sales Service

BHM's service does not end with sales and delivery:

1.  24/7 online customer service system:

•   Provides one-stop professional services for product inquiries, technical support, repairs, and spare parts consultation.

•   Can be accessed anytime, anywhere through PC or mobile devices.

2.  Spare parts and repairs:

•   Comprehensive spare parts are available and adequate in stock.

•   Experienced project engineers.

3.  IoT cloud services:

•   Utilizing automation control and IoT technology, the equipment collects operational data and sends it to cloud servers. Professional technical and service teams analyze the feedback data to provide equipment maintenance recommendations for customers.

4.  Fast and professional after-sales service:

•   On-site repair services if issues cannot be resolved online.

•   Prompt and professional after-sales service available anytime, anywhere, both online and offline.


Equipment Modification and Upgrade

Upgrade and modify your existing dry mortar manufacturing plant for direct economic returns!

Make your equipment more efficient, Energy-saving, and environmental friendly! Make your business more competitive!


1.   Insufficient equipment output to meet production requirements. ————--Equipment upgrade

2.   Outdated equipment with high energy consumption and costs. ————---Energy-saving modification

3.   Dust emissions and environmental standards not met. —————————Environmental modification

4.   Low automation level and high labor costs. ——————————————Full automation modification


In addition to the above services, you can also get high-quality equipment:

The dry mix plant and its accessories produced by BHM have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, cost effective and environmental protection.

BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd

Sustainable,Long-Term and Reliable Perspective

1.   Sustainable Development: Our company is committed to practicing sustainable development principles.

2.   Long-Term Perspective: We prioritize long-term goals and outcomes over immediate, short-term benefits.

3.   Ethical Stance: We refuse to compromise the future by making choices solely based on short-term financial gains.

4.   Responsible Approach: We are committed to creating a shared future by conducting sustainable transactions and making responsible recommendations.




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