Robot Palletizing Systems

Robot Palletizing SystemsRobot Palletizing SystemsRobot Palletizing SystemsRobot Palletizing Systems

Robot palletizer are used for material handling and palletizing. It can palletize bagged and boxed products at high speed.


The traditional dry mortar production line requires a lot of manual operation, relying on manual batching, mixing, packaging, palletizing, low production efficiency and low return on investment.


Upgrade your dry powder mortar plant with a palletizing robot to improve production efficiency and reduce enterprise costs in the long run.

Robot Palletizing SystemsRobot Palletizing SystemsRobot Palletizing SystemsRobot Palletizing Systems
What is robot palletizing system?

1.   Robot palletizing system is palletizing robots.

2.   A robot palletizer is an automated machine used to stack or palletize items or goods according to predetermined rules.

3.   Robot palletizing system can replace manual stacking tasks to improve production efficiency and accuracy.


Introduction of BH robot palletizing system

1.  The robot palletizing system produced by our company adopts 4- axis design, which has the advantages of simple structure, low failure rate, convenient operation, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance and repair.

2.  The robot palletizer occupies a small area and is very suitable for upgrading the existing packaging production line.

3.  BH dry mortar palletizer robot has stable working performance, fast running speed, flexibility, stability, and low energy consumption. 


Features of robot palletizing system

1.  Improve production efficiency: Palletizing robots can quickly and accurately complete stacking tasks, reduce a lot of labor and labor costs, and improve production efficiency.

2.  Accuracy and stability: The palletizing robot can perform precise positioning and stacking according to preset rules, reducing errors.

3.  Flexibility: The palletizing robot can be adjusted and adapted according to different stacking needs, and is suitable for diverse production lines. When the production line changes, only the software program needs to be modified.

4.  Safety: The palletizing robot can maintain stability during the work process, reducing the risk of personal injury and item damage.

5.  Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.

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Applications of robot palletizing system

1. The palletizer robot are suitable for industries such as building materials, chemical industry, medicine, grain, fertilizer, food, beverage, metallurgy, and refractory materials.

2. The robot palletizer can perform automatic packaging and palletizing operations for bagged, boxed, barreled, bottled products, etc.

Applications of robot palletizing system


BH palletizer robot in dry mortar production line

BH palletizer robot in tile adhesive manufacturing plant


Palletizer robot in putty mortar production line

  BH palletizer robot in tile adhesive manufacturing plant


   BH palletizer robot in dry mortar plant

Click to watch the BH robot palletizer in operation


How to Choose the Right Robot Palletizing System?

Contact us and send the following information. We will recommend the palletizer robot suitable for you according to your project.

1.   The output of palletizing robot you expect.

2.   Which types of pallets do you want the robot to palletize?

3.   We support customization, which palletizing type do you want to achieve by customizing the palletizer?

Origin of the robotic arm










Contact us to customize the palletizer robot and propel your project to success.

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Automatic Robotic Palletizer Specifications

Robot arm

Japanese brand robot



German brand robot


Switzerland brand robot


Main performance parameters

Speed capacity

8s per cycle

Adjust according to products and arrangement per layer


About 8000kg 

Applicable product

Cartons, cases, bags, pouch bags

Containers, bottles, cans, buckets etc

Power and air requirements

Compressed air


Electric power

17-25 Kw 



3 phases


Component/Working Principle

Components of Robot Palletizing Systems

The palletizing robot is composed of mechanical arms, pneumatic components, electrical components, etc., all of which adopt advanced world-famous brand components, and the operation is stable and reliable.

Product Accessories

Supplier Brand


Siemens - Germany

Pneumatic Components

Airtec-Taiwan, China

servo motor

Siemens - Germany

magnetic switch

Airtec-Taiwan, China

Limit switch


touch screen

Siemens - Germany

Intermediate relay




power switch button


detection switch



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