Cement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plant

Cement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plantCement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plantCement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plantCement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plant

BH rotary kiln is composed of barrel, supporting device, catch wheel supporting device, transmission device, movable kiln head, kiln tail sealing device, and coal injection pipe device. Rotary kiln is the main equipment used for calcining materials.Widely used in smelting,building materials and other industries.Rotary kiln is also known as rotation kiln. According to applicable industries, it is divided into metallurgical rotary kiln and chemical rotary kiln; According to the applicable materials, it can be divided into cement rotary kiln, lime kiln, ceramic sand rotary kiln, metal magnesium rotary kiln, bauxite kiln etc. 

Cement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plantCement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plantCement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plantCement rotary kiln manufacturer cement plant

Brief Introduction

Rotary Kiln belongs to building material equipment, according to different materials, which can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln. Cement kiln is used for making cement clinker and there are dry and wet methods to make cement clinker. Metallurgy chemical kiln is widely used for magnetic roasting of poor iron ore and oxidizing roasting of chrome and nickel in the steel factory; backing high-alumina mine in the refractory material factory; baking chamotte and alumina in the aluminum factory and baking chrome ore and chrome powder in the chemical plant. The Lime Kiln is used for roasting active lime in steel works and ferroalloy plants and light roasting dolomite.


The structure characteristic of BH rotary kiln
1. The  rotary calcining kiln shell design fully take into consideration of the corner at shell flexible supporting to extend the lifetime of refractory bricks and castings.
2. Adopt supporting roller bearing with big diameter and small ratio between length and diameter to improve the reliability. The bearing is automatic self-sligning bearing.
3. The better sealing effect of new type open gear hood sealing type.
4. The spring lamination overlying type lexible sealing, double layer spring lamination sealing increase the heat insulation layer to improve the reliability and lifetime.
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 Model Kiln Size  Capacity(T/D)  Rotation Speed of Kiln Body(R/Min)  Power
Diameter(m) Length(m)
BH2.0*40 2 40 350 0.23-2.26 37 119
BH2.2*45 2.2 45 450 0.21-2.44 45 128
BH2.5*50 2.5 50 550 0.62-1.86 55 187
BH2.8*50 2.8 50 700 0.437-2.18 55 202
BH3.0*50 3 50 850 0.6-3.48 100 237
BH3.2*50 3.2 50 1000 0.6-3.52 125 278
BH3.3*50 3.3 50 1200 0.6-3.57 160 290
BH3.5*54 3.5 54 1500 0.6-4.06 250 330
BH4.0*60 4 60 2500 0.46-4.07 315 450
BH4.2*60 4.2 60 3200 0.45-3.98 375 500
BH4.3*64 4.3 64 3500 0.41-4 420 560
BH5.0*74 5 74 6000 0.35-4.1 710 890
BH6.0*95 6 95 10000 0.34-4.1 950*2 1600


Component/Working Principle
BH Rotary Kiln Working Principle
BH Rotary kiln cylinder composed of steel plate, cylinder body with build by laying bricks or stones of refractory lining, and horizontal line into slope, three belting leather in each block supporting device, in the material near the end belting leather across the inner cylinder with tangential spring plate fixed on a big gear ring, which is a small gear meshing.During normal operation, the main drive motor is transmitted to the open-type gear device by the main drive motor, which drives the rotary kiln.Materials are calcined from the end of the kiln.Due to the effect of tilting and slow rotation of the cylinder, the material is along the circumference of a circle and tumbling along the axial direction (from high to low) mobile, continue to complete the process, and generate the clinker kiln hood into the cooling machine cooling.The fuel is sprayed into the kiln by the kiln head, and the waste gas and materials produced in the furnace are exchanged for impact crusher, which is exported by the kiln tail.
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