Automatic valve packing machine

Automatic valve packing machineAutomatic valve packing machine

Automatic valve port packing machine for automatic weighing and packing verious dry powders, it's computer intelligent controlled with simple operation. Workers put on bag to the port can accomplish the packaging. This changed the traditional production technology, improved the work environment, save the labor cost and reduced labor intensity, greatly reduced the production cost and improved production efficiency. It widely used in all kinds of dry powder, granular material automatic metering and filling.

Automatic valve packing machineAutomatic valve packing machine
BH Automatic valve packaging machine, the improved model of the latest development ,different from other factory production. We improve its most precise measurement sensing system, changed the way of lifting force sensor, the industry generally used, to the pressure sensing mode, making the packing machine life and accuracy greatly improved.  Filling mouth also made design changes, adding a "gas returning nozzle" design, in the filling process the bag excess gas can be discharged, so that the filling process more smoothly. BH Packaging machine equipped in dry mortar production line,it can be used in package dry bulk solid powders and granular products. such as cement, grout, fertilizer, flour, grains, refractory mixes, and so on. 
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Application of automatic packaging machine: 
BH valve port packing machine is applicable in following materials: granular material, powder material, compound material. Valve port packing machine is widely used in automatic weighing packaging of gypsum powder, talcum powder, ash powder, calcium carbonate powder, coarse whiting powder, calcium oxide, bentonite, kaolin, dry mortar, fly ash, coal powder, lime powder, cement and other materials.
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Valve port automatic packaging machine features:
1, automatic microcomputer control, smart identify, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability, weighing accurate.
2, the new design, reduce the wearing parts, this reduces the maintenance cost, and improve the product efficiency.
3, it realize automatic bag clamping, filling, tripping, close, scatter, and other functions, with stable performance, simple operation ( to adapt to the valve bag, workers only required to put on bags in the port).
4, this automatic packing machine is complete sealed equip with dust removal port, it has reasonable structure, it’s durable, and realizing green production actual.
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Weighing type: Single Nozzle
weighing range:  15 ~ 50 kg/bag
Packing materials max particle size: ≤5mm
weighing accuracy: 99.8%
weighing speed:  5~7ton/hour
Applicable Bag Valve bag
Power: 3kw; 380/220/VAC  50HZ/60HZ; Customized
Air Pressure 0.5MPa
working environment: temperature: - 20 ° C ~  45 ° C


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