Column Type Palletizer Machine

Column Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer Machine

As an important part of the solution of unmanned packaging in the later process of production line, BH Column Type Palletizer is a small and medium-sized production palletizer designed and manufactured with advanced international technology. It has excellent characteristics such as excellent safety performance, fast moving speed, high positioning accuracy and durability of key components.

Column Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer Machine
This Palletizer Machine mainly use for automatically palletizing of kinds of Carton Box,PE Film Shrink Wrapped Cases according to program setup pattern to finished palletizing products on the pallet one by one layer. This kind machine suitable for process of water, beverage, oil, etc production line, and also suitable for bottles, cans, etc products case packing work in other industries. This single column palletizer consist of conveyors, carton arrangement system, palletizing main machine, complete layer griper, pallet dispenser, full pallet conveyor, empty pallet conveyor, control system.
This Series Palletizer Machine could independent finish products feeding,grouping arrange,empty pallet feeding, whole layer palletizing and full pallet feeding out works in continuously and automatically. Also could according to client's different products special requirement to improve design for achieved palletizing works. Such as change to Single Case Grasp Head or Whole Layer Cases Grasp Head, Optional match with Empty Pallet storage and dispenser device with main palletizer working together.
1. Stacking method is easy and simple to adjust and can be performed on the touch screen.
2. Stacking is stable and efficient, which can greatly save labor.
3. The pallet storage has a large capacity and can hold 10-12 empty pallets. It can realize automatic pallet supply.
4. Several stacking methods can be completed without replacing stacking parts.
Palletizer speed
600 bags/h
Workable bag weights
 1 to 50 kg
Stacking Type
5/6/7/8/9/10 bags per layer or customized
380 V 50 HZ or Customized
Working Temperature
Operating system

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