Column Type Palletizer Machine

Column Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer Machine
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Column Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer MachineColumn Type Palletizer Machine

What is column type palletizer machine?

1.   Column palletizer is an intelligent automatic palletizing equipment.

2.   The column palletizer accurately and efficiently stacks products from the production line or conveyor line into neat pallets through the robotic arm and advanced vision system.

3.   The column palletizer can realize a variety of stacking modes and arrangements to meet the needs of different industries and application fields.


Introduction of column type palletizer machine

1.   BH column palletizer is a small and medium-sized production palletizer designed and manufactured with international advanced technology.

2.   It has excellent characteristics such as excellent safety performance, fast moving speed, high positioning accuracy, and durable key components.

3.   According to the special requirements of different products of customers, the design can be improved to realize the palletizing operation.


cases of column type palletizer machine


Applications of column type palletizer machine

Column palletizers are widely used in various industries and fields, including but not limited to the following aspects:

Building materials industry, warehousing and logistics industry, manufacturing industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry.

Applications of BH column type palletizer machine

Key features of column type palletizer machine

1.   Flexible switching of multiple stacking methods:

    The touch screen is easy to operate and the stacking method is easy to adjust.

     High flexibility to adapt to diverse product stacking needs.

2.   Stable and efficient stacking process:

     Stable and reliable stacking ensures product safety.

     Improve work efficiency and greatly save labor costs.

3.   Large-capacity pallet storage system:

     Holds 10-12 empty trays.

     Realize automatic supply of pallets, continuous and efficient production.

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Column type palletizer machine production plant

column type palletizer machine production plant


Why choose BH column type palletizer machine

We have 6 core advantages:

advantages of BHcolumn type palletizer machine





Palletizer speed

600 bags/h

Workable bag weights

 1 to 50 kg

Stacking Type

5/6/7/8/9/10 bags per layer or customized


380 V 50 HZ or Customized

Working Temperature


Operating system




Component/Working Principle

Components of column type palletizer machine

The column palletizer is mainly composed of mechanical structure, photoelectric induction system, control system and safety system.

Component of column type palletizer machine

Working principle of the column palletizer:

1.   Sensing: The photoelectric sensing system obtains the information of the goods, including size, shape and position.

2.   Calculation: The control system calculates the optimal stacking path and sequence based on the data provided by the vision system.

3.   Grabbing: The control system controls the movement and action of the mechanical structure to precisely grab the goods with the telescopic arm.

4.   Placement: The control system controls the mechanical structure to accurately place the goods in the designated position according to the results calculated by the stacking algorithm.

5.   Monitoring: During the stacking process, the safety system monitors the environment and mechanical movement in real time to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation.

6.   The control system repeatedly executes the stacking operation until the stacking task of all goods is completed.

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