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Ribbon mixer

Ribbon mixer
Mixing uniformity ≥ 95%, and price is only half of chemical plant.
Supply full technical services, supply formula, and guiding production.  
Ribbon mixer
BH horizontal ribbon mixer, is also called ribbon dry powder mixing machine, developed and produced by our company on the basis of the production of U-shaped structure through several times improvement. BH horizontal ribbon mixer is 30% higher utilization than that of the U-shaped structure. The machine operates smoothly, mixed evenly, small residual amount, easy for  clearance; Higher capacity, no splash, little dust, low noise, easy operation, simple maintenance, it is the multifunction mixing equipment, widely used for powder, granule, powder and liquid materials.
Application: the production of various kinds of external walls dry mortar, mortar master materials, putty powder, stucco gypsum, ceramic tile adhesive, jointing agent, also can be used in the production of cement mortar and the paste material mixing.
Design features:
1. This machine is horizontal cylinder, three layers inside and outside spiral ribbon has a unique structure, smooth operation, reliable performance, low noise, long service time, easy installation and maintenance, and has a variety of structure of agitator, it’s a multifunctional mixing equipment widely used.
2. Fast mixing speed, high mixing uniformity, especially for the viscous material, scraper can be installed in spiral ribbon , to ADAPTS thickens, paste material mix.
3. The mixer equipped with two doors, easy to clean.
Model power( kw ) rotation speed/minute( r/min ) Drum diameter×length(mm) Overall dimension: L ×W×H( mm ) Capacity

  BHR— 1000L

7.5 50 Φ1050×1880 3200×1070×2000 1000
BHR — 1500L 11 33 Φ1150×2100 3600×1200×2600 1500
Component/Working Principle
Components of Ribbon Mixer
Hoist feeder, ribbon mixer, control system.
We can design according to customer's demand to equip with electric discharge, electric metering, electric packaging functions device in this mixer.
Discharging mouth can be modified according to customer's requirements for: universal discharging 
Working principle of Ribbon Mixer
BH horizontal ribbon mixing machine under the stirring shaft spiral ribbon movement, make internal and external spiral ribbon mixing in a wide range, the inner spiral ribbon make material movement in two sides, at the same time, the outer spiral ribbon make material movement inwards, to achieve back and forth of material mixing, another part of the material being driven by spiral ribbon, make the radial motion along the axial,thus forming the convective circulation. Due to this kind of mixing, the material can get fast and uniform mixing in a relatively short time.
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