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Ribbon mixer

Ribbon mixerRibbon mixerRibbon mixerRibbon mixer

BH company is a professional dry mortar equipment manufacturer from China, mainly engaged in dry mortar production line, dry mortar mixer, dry mortar packaging machine, dry mortar palletizer and other equipment.


The ribbon mixer produced by BH company has fast mixing speed and high mixing uniformity.


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Ribbon mixerRibbon mixerRibbon mixerRibbon mixer
What is a ribbon mixer?

1.   Ribbon mixer is a horizontal mixer for mixing materials.

2.   The stirring device of the ribbon mixer is two to three ribbons installed on the screw rod.

3.   The setting of the ribbon makes the ribbon mixer especially suitable for mixing medium and high viscosity materials and paste materials.


BH ribbon mixer introduction

1.   BH horizontal ribbon mixer is a heavy-duty horizontal ribbon mixer.

2.   BH horizontal ribbon mixer runs smoothly, mixes evenly, has little residue, is easy to clean, easy to operate and easy to maintain. It is a multi-functional mixing equipment.

3.   BH horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in the mixing of viscous materials and pastes. Applications include but are not limited to building materials industry, fertilizer industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry.


Advantages of BH ribbon mixer

The advantages of BH dry mortar mixer are wide application range, high mixing uniformity, short mixing time and large loading factor.

1.    High mixing uniformity: BH horizontal ribbon mixer adopts inner and outer three-layer ribbon structure, which runs smoothly, stirs at a constant speed, is evenly stressed, and has high mixing uniformity.

2.    High mixing efficiency: BH horizontal ribbon mixer is equipped with a high-power main engine, which can mix a large amount of materials in a short time. For specific data, see from the parameter table.

3.    Large loading factor: BH horizontal ribbon mixer is a heavy-duty ribbon mixer with large mixing chamber volume, three-layer ribbons are evenly distributed , and the feeding volume of each batch is large.

4.    Wide adaptability to materials: It can mix viscous materials evenly, keep the integrity of particles as much as possible for granular materials, and can mix materials with a ratio difference of 1:1000-10000.

5.    Good at handling viscous materials: The special multi-layer ribbon mixing structure of the ribbon mixer makes the mixer especially suitable for handling thick and viscous materials such as paste materials and pasty materials.

6.    Easy to clean: The mixer has two doors, or open the door wide, easy to clean.


Ribbon mixer application

1.   BH horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used, in addition to mixing dry mortar in the field of building materials, it can also be used in plastic cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, fertilizer industry and chemical industry.

2.   Ribbon mixer can be used to mix all kinds of dry mortar, including external wall dry powder mortar, mortar masterbatch,wall putty mortar, plaster mortar, tile adhesive, jointing agent, etc.

3.   It can also be used to produce cement mortar and paste materials.

Ribbon mixer application

Ribbon in ribbon mixer

1.   The ribbon is the core component of the ribbon mixer, and the wear resistance and quality of the ribbon determine the life and quality of the mixer.
2.   Pictured below is the BH I ribbon in a ribbon mixer. In the middle is a spiral ribbon of plasma-sprayed white alumina ceramic, which is used to stir highly corrosive, coarse-grained materials.
3.   Alumina ceramics have high hardness and excellent wear resistance.

Ribbon mixer application


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How to choose dry mortar mixer machine for dry powder mortar production line?

1.   Good mortar must have good equipment, and good equipment must be compared.

2.   Some common misunderstandings when investors choose dry mortar machine, there are probably the following aspects:

 •    Only consider the lowest cost, buy the cheapest equipment and ignore product configuration and quality.

 •    Pay too much attention to international brands and buy directly from well-known manufacturers. The product quality is fine but the brand premium is serious.

 •    Investors did not know enough about the inspection of equipment manufacturers, and bought machine when they saw mechanical standard dry-mixed mortar equipment manufacturers on the Internet, and did not further confirm the manufacturer's capabilities through on-site inspections.

3.    In response to the problems mentioned in 2 , dry mortar investors should browse and compare the official websites of equipment suppliers searched on Google , inquire and compare one by one, and finally go to the production plant for inspection before placing an order, or use the whole remote video tour to visit the the way of putting into production projects ensures that high-quality machinery and perfect after-sales can be obtained after purchase.


What problems should be paid attention to when buying a dry mortar mixer machine?

1.    Is the stirring even?

2.    Is there any dead angle?

3.    Is the motor power used by the mixer reasonable?

4.    Is the equipment seller a manufacturer?

5.    Is the equipment manufacturer reliable?

The above questions can be confirmed through on-site inspections or remote factory visits.

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Successful cases of BH dry mortar mixer machine in dry mix plant

Successful case of BH ribbon mixer in dry powder mortar production line


Common problems and solutions in the operation of the ribbon mixer

In the process of using the ribbon mixer, you may encounter some common problems, for example:

1.    Material blocking or material jamming: This may be due to the fact that the material is too viscous or wet, or the material contains large particles, and it is necessary to properly adjust the process parameters or take pretreatment measures.

2.    Uneven mixing: This may be due to the unreasonable design or serious wear of the spiral blades of the ribbon mixer , which may cause uneven mixing and some materials are not fully mixed. At this point the condition of the blades needs to be checked and the blades may need to be replaced or adjusted.

3.    Leakage: When the sealing of the ribbon mixer is not good or the seal is aged and damaged, it may cause leakage of the mixer, causing pollution or loss of the working environment. The solution includes replacing the seal or strengthening the maintenance of the seal.

4.    High energy consumption: If the transmission device of the mixer is unreasonable or severely worn, it will lead to increased energy consumption and increased production costs. Regular inspections and maintenance of transmissions to ensure they are functioning properly can reduce wasted energy.

5.    Equipment wear and tear: long-term use will lead to wear of the blades, tank and transmission of the ribbon mixer , affecting the mixing effect and equipment life. Regular inspection of equipment wear and necessary maintenance and replacement can prolong the service life of equipment.

6.    Difficulty in cleaning: Due to the complex internal structure of the ribbon mixer , cleaning may be difficult, especially when dealing with viscous materials. Thorough cleaning and maintenance are carried out regularly to avoid cross-contamination and ensure production process hygiene and product quality.


Please note that these problems do not occur on all ribbon mixers , and the specific problems may vary depending on factors such as equipment model, production process and operation management.

Regular maintenance and equipment inspection are important measures to ensure the normal operation of the ribbon mixer and improve work efficiency.

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Device model

Effective volume (L)

Total power(kw)


Dimensions (mm)

Equipment weight (Kg)



































































The effective volume is the feeding amount of each batch.

Component/Working Principle
Components of Ribbon Mixer
The ribbon mixer is composed of a horizontal cylinder, a driving device, and internal ribbon blades.

Ribbon mixer , dust collector, finished product warehouse, and packaging machine can form a simple mortar production line, which is suitable for early investment, as shown in the figure below.

1.    Reliable drive configuration

 •    According to the nature of the material, the way of starting, and the way of mixing, drive devices with different capacities, different powers, and different output speeds are configured.

2.    Internal ribbons

 •    Stainless steel casting, uniform mixing of various materials, simple operation, convenient and practical.

3.   Various opening methods

 •    The barrel cover of the mixer can be provided with different openings to meet different working conditions.

 •    According to the function of the opening, manhole, cleaning door, feeding port, exhaust port, dust removal port, etc. can be set. The opening forms include flange-type standard opening and quick -opening door with cover.

 •    The mixer can be set to fully open the cylinder cover, which is convenient for cleaning the inside of the equipment.

Working principle of Ribbon Mixer
When the ribbon mixer is turned on, the helical blades start to rotate, usually driven by an electric motor.

1.    Rotation of the helical blade: the helical blade rotates around the central axis of the main shaft to form a helical structure.

2.    Pushing of the helical blade: the shape and arrangement of the helical blade make the material move forward while rotating, so that the material moves along the axial direction of the tank.

3.    Convection and shearing effect: The movement of the spiral blade produces complex convection and shearing effect, which makes the materials of different parts mix together quickly and evenly .

4.    Material flow: The flow of material in the ribbon mixer is usually produced by the combined action of the gravity of the material itself and the movement of the spiral blade . The material is pushed to the upper part and then moved back to the bottom by gravity, creating a circular flow for better mixing.

Generally speaking, the ribbon mixer uses the rotation and pushing motion of the helical blade to quickly and evenly mix the materials in the tank through complex convection and shearing effects.


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