Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer

Three Cylinder Rotary  DryerThree Cylinder Rotary  DryerThree Cylinder Rotary  DryerThree Cylinder Rotary  Dryer

The three  cylinder rotary  dryer is an efficient and reliable drying equipment widely used in industrial fields. 

Three Cylinder Rotary  DryerThree Cylinder Rotary  DryerThree Cylinder Rotary  DryerThree Cylinder Rotary  Dryer
Introduction of Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer
The selection of drying equipment is crucial for dry mortar production lines as it impacts their effective operation, cost control, and work efficiency.

BH three-cylinder dryer stands out with its energy-saving design, compact structure, high output, low coal consumption, small footprint, and ease of adjustment. It is the optimal choice for constructing dry mortar production lines.

BH Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer Used in Dry Mortar Plant
BH Three cylinder rotary sand dryer used in dry mortar plant
Applications of Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer
The three-cylinder dryer has a wide range of applications, meeting the drying needs of multiple industries:

1. Construction Materials Industry: Drying of dry mortar, gypsum, cement, and other building materials.

2. Metallurgical Industry: Drying of ores, metal powders, and slag.

3. Chemical Industry: Suitable for drying chemical raw materials, plastic granules, fertilizers, and more.

4. Agricultural Sector: Widely used for drying grains, feed, rice, corn, and other crops.

5. Food Processing Industry: Suitable for drying grains, legumes, dried fruits, vegetables, and other food raw materials.

6. Wood Processing Industry: Drying of timber, wood chips, sawdust, and other wood products.

Applications of Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer
Advantages of BH Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer
Advantages of BH Three Cylinder Rotary  Dryer



Energy efficient:

 • Cylinder self-insulation thermal efficiency is as high as 85 % or more.

 • 40% lower energy consumption than traditional dryers.

 • Fuel cost saving 40 %.


 • The three-cylinder dryer adopts a nested structure, which has a small heat dissipation area and a large heat exchange area.

 • The lifting plate on the outer surface of the inner cylinder and the middle cylinder improves the material dispersion and heat utilization rate, reduces exhaust gas emission, and significantly improves thermal efficiency and output.

Good output effect:

 • Discharge humidity ≤ 0.5 %.

 • The discharge temperature is less than or equal to 60 degrees Celsius, and it can be directly fed into the silo without cooling.

 • The inner layer of high-temperature flue gas exchanges heat with the wet sand, the middle layer removes moisture, and the outer layer cools down.

 • Ensure that the product temperature and moisture content meet the requirements.

Small occupation area:

 • Reduce 1/3 ~ 1/2 of occupation area.

 • Civil construction investment cost reduced by 1/3 ~ 1/2.

 • The three-cylinder stacked structure shortens the total length of the dryer cylinder.

 • Thus reducing the footprint.

More durable:

 • Longer service life.

 • Using roller drive instead of gear drive to prolong the service life of the dryer.

 • The rotary device reduces the relative drop of the material in the cylinder and reduces the wear of the cylinder.

 • Cylinder steel is thicker and more wear-resistant, prolonging the service life of the dryer.

Good airtightness:

 • Effective control of heat and humidity loss.

 • Improve the drying effect.

 • Reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution at the same time.



 • The nested structure can effectively reduce the loss of heat energy and the entry of outside air, and improve the sealing performance.

 • The special sealing device effectively prevents the leakage of the medium and ensures the sealing performance of the drying process.

 • High-quality sealing material can effectively prevent hot gas leakage and provide reliable sealing effect.


Wide range of fuel:

 • A variety of fuels are optional, not affected by the energy supply of the project

 • Fuel type: coal, oil, natural gas, etc.

 • Characteristics of fuel: it can be block, granular or powder material.

Successful Projects of BH Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer

Successful Projects of BH Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer


Model Cylinder
Capacity (t/h) Motor 
Coal consumption(kg/t) Weight(Ton)
slag Fly ash sand
BHS623 1.8 2.2 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 1-3 1-3 3-5 4 7 8
BHS625 2.2 2.6 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 4-7 3-4 5-8 5.5 7 14
BHS6210 2.6 3.1 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 10-13 5-8 10-15 7.5 7 17
φ2.0×6 2 6 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 20-25 10-17 20-27 7.5×2 7 25
φ2.5×6.5 2.5 6.5 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 25-30 17-21 25-40 11×2 7 32
φ2.7×7 2.7 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 30-35 20-25 27-45 7.5×4 7 35
φ3.0×7 3 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 35-40 23-27 30-45 7.5×4 7 38
φ3.2×7 3.2 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 40-45 25-30 35-50 11×4 7 43
φ3.6×8 3.6 8 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 50-65 30-45 55-75 15×4 7 57
φ4.2×8.5 4.2 8.5 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 70-85 45-63 75-99 18.5×4 7 77


Component/Working Principle

Working Principle of Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer

1. Firstly, the material to be dried enters the inner cylinder of the dryer through the spiral material guide plate, and forms a material curtain with the rotation of the cylinder. The high-temperature flue gas in the inner cylinder and the wet sand exchange heat along the flow to heat the material.

2. Subsequently, the material is continuously raised by the built-in lifting plate of the inner cylinder and moves axially along the cylinder body, and enters the middle cylinder. The middle cylinder uses the heat of the outer wall of the inner cylinder to remove the water in the wet sand.

3. Then, the material is continuously raised by the lifting plate built in the middle cylinder, and at the same time moves axially along the cylinder, and enters the outer cylinder. The outer cylinder cools the dried high-temperature sand naturally.

4. Finally, the material reciprocates under the action of the built-in material guide plate and lifting plate in the outer cylinder, and finally reaches the discharge end of the outer cylinder, and then falls into the discharge device through the material guide cone.

Working Principle of Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer


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