China 30-35TPH Dry Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine Successfully Completed

July 27, 2023

01   Project Introduction


1.    BH company signed a project contract with a famous Chinese dry wall putty manufacturer in 2019. The project is a 30-35TPH automatic dry wall putty manufacturing machine.


2.    The overall engineering design, equipment supply, and equipment installation and commissioning training of the project were all completed by B H Company. The project has successfully passed the acceptance inspection in October 2019 and was handed over to the owner for full-line production.



02   Project Details


1. The owner of this project is a professional dry wall putty manufacturer from China (hereinafter referred to as the customer), and also an important partner of B H Company in China.


2. The customer is a well-known dry wall putty manufacturer in China, and the dry mortar produced such as wall putty and tile adhesive is very popular in China. In order to meet the market demand, expand the production scale, and ensure the quality of the production line and products at the same time, the customer finally chose to establish cooperation with BH Company after various inspections. BH company's excellent equipment, reasonable price and perfect service have contributed to the in-depth cooperation between customers and BH company.


3. The customer's requirements for the dry powder mortar factory are: large-scale, more than 30T per hour, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and environmental protection and reliability.


4. According to the needs of customers, BH Company proposes professional and complete solutions suitable for customers. The client is very satisfied with the project proposal. After confirming the plan and the final version of the drawing, BH Company immediately arranged for production. In October 2019, BH Company completed the production of the established equipment on time according to the contract and delivered the goods in time, and arranged professional equipment installation engineers to go to the customer's site to guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment throughout the process.


China 30-35TPH Dry Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine Successfully Completed



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03   Production Line Configuration Introduction


The dry mortar production line is composed of dust removal system, screening system, raw material storage and weighing system, high-speed coulter mixing system, intelligent computer control system, automatic packaging and palletizing system and other related supporting equipment.


1.    Raw material storage system

•    According to the customer's mortar formula and large-scale production requirements, BH Company configures 5 sets of large-volume raw material storage bins for the customer.


•    Storage bin volume: 4*120T powder bin +1*120T sand bin. The raw material storage system is shown in Figure 1 below.


•    The top of the storage bin adopts unique reinforcement measures, which are waterproof, moisture-proof, environmentally friendly and reliable in operation.


•    The link of the screw conveyor under the storage bin: Multiple valves are controlled to ensure the stability of the discharge and the accuracy of the weighing. See Figure 1 on the left.


•    The upper part of the storage bin is equipped with a dust removal device to prevent dust leakage. The arch breaking device at the lower part of the storage bin prevents material agglomeration and smooth powder discharge. See Figure 1 right.


•    The raw material storage bin is connected with a dust removal device to meet the strict environmental protection requirements of customers.

Dry mix mortar raw material storage system

Figure 1: Dry mix mortar raw material storage system


2.    High-speed stirring system and precise packing system


•    According to the customer's product types and output requirements, B H Company equips a coulter mixer for the dry powder mortar production line.


•    High mixing efficiency: mixer output: 30-35TPH. The high-speed coulter mixer is shown on the left in Figure 2 below.


•    Stir evenly and have good consistency: the mixing ratio can be 1:10000.


•    According to the customer's fully automatic packaging needs, equipped with 2 sets of back-to-back packaging machines, each with 3 packaging machines. One group is a new type of pneumatic valve port packaging machine, and the other group is an ultrasonic heat-sealing packaging machine.


•    High weighing accuracy: The packaging system is equipped with German HA VER & BOECKER packaging machines, and the weighing accuracy is as high as 99.98%.


•    In the middle of Figure 2 is the finished product warehouse below the mixer and above the packaging machine. The right side of Figure 2 is the discharge port of the valve port packaging machine.


BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd


Figure 2: Dry mortar high speed coulter mixer and packing system


3.    Automatic palletizing system


•    Equipped with 2 sets of palletizing robots according to the customer's large-volume and high-efficiency palletizing needs.


•    Full-automatic high-position palletizer, various stomp shapes are optional, beautiful and neat.


•    See Figure 3 below for the automatic packing and palletizing system. The left side of Figure 3 is the palletizing robot, and the right side of Figure 3 is the cleaning belt conveyor on the palletizing robot production line.


Automatic palletizing system for dry mortar


Figure 3: Automatic palletizing system for dry mortar


04   Conclusion


1. BH company is a professional dry mix mortar production line manufacturer with more than 27 years of rich experience and strong strength.


2. BH company is a foreign trade company integrating industry and trade from China. It has its own equipment production factory and professional equipment engineers. Figure 4 is a photo of the interior of the factory of B H Company.


3. The company integrates the advantages of design, processing and manufacturing, construction and installation, and technical services. In the future, our company will further consolidate its advantages, innovate and develop, and create the greatest economic benefits for each owner.


BH company equipment manufacturing plant

Figure 4: BH company equipment manufacturing plant


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