How to Improve the Economic Benefits of Enterprises by Big Bag Packaging Machine?

July 27, 2023

With the rapid development of the packaging industry, the competition between industries has become increasingly fierce. As a common equipment in the packaging industry, big bag packaging machine can better meet the user's requirements, but also bring a lot of convenience to users.

 automatic big bag packing machine

Big bag packaging machine is commonly used in cement, mining, building materials, chemical industry, grain, chemical fertilizer, feed and other industries. As long as it is a product processing plant that needs to pack a large number of bulk objects, it can use big bag packaging machine to achieve the purpose of reducing labor costs and rapid packaging.


As a leader in the design and production of automatic big bag packaging machine, BH mortar Industrial Co., Ltd. has formed a set of proprietary technology with independent intellectual property rights after years of continuous summary and improvement on the production site. This technology is highly targeted for the packaging of powder and granular materials. No matter the control mode, actuator or working principle, they all reflect the characteristics of advanced, practical, environmental protection and high efficiency. The equipment can also be adjusted to different packaging forms, greatly simplifying the user's production process.


BHSB -T 1000 big bag packer has wide weighing range, fast speed and high accuracy. Its weight is 200-2000 kg / bag. On the premise of packaging speed of 20 ~ 40 bags / hour, it can stably ensure an error of ± 2 ‰ ~ 5 ‰. This type of jamboo bag packaging machine can pack 20 ~ 40 bags / hour for materials with good fluidity. For materials with poor liquidity (such as aluminum hydroxide), the packaging speed is 20 ~ 35 bags / hour.


The feeding port of big bag packaging machine can also be connected with environmental friendly conveying equipment. During the operation of the packaging machine, no obvious dust leakage can be seen with the naked eye; The working site environment meets the requirements of national labor hygiene standards; The control system adopts programmable weighing controller, which is convenient and fast for light touch operation; The control process is highly reliable and easy to learn. The control cabinet is equipped with a display screen, which can dynamically display various data in the packaging process and statistically display the packaging data.

 automatic jamboo bag packing machine

This type of jamboo bag packaging weighing system adopts the patented technology of upper gross weight weighing initiated by our company in China, and the tangent installation of sensors. The specific structure is that four weighing sensors are installed on the upper platform, the bearing plate installed on the sensor is hoisted on the weighing platform, and the weight of the packaging bag suspended under the weighing platform is directly transmitted to the sensor, so it has high sensitivity, good stability and strong overload resistance. The ability to overcome the influence of external force symmetrical weight system in any direction is the key to the weighing accuracy and stability of our ton bag packaging machine superior to other models.


As an integrated packaging machine with electronic weighing, automatic bag removal, dust prevention and other functions, ton bag packaging machine can complete a large share of packaging work with only a small amount of labor. And because of the special function of plastic system, it can increase the filling density of materials in the packaging bag, which is conducive to reducing the size of the packaging bag and reducing the packaging cost.


Our company can customize the design for users by professional designers according to the different packaging materials and manufacturers of users. It can provide forklift transportation, multi unit conveyor, chain machine, belt and other transportation modes. Users can choose to use it according to the degree of automation, production efficiency, engineering investment and other factors.

 big bag packing machine

From one production link to the whole packaging process, the design of the whole production line to the whole workshop will be an important development direction for the future ton bag packaging machine manufacturers and the inevitable development trend of the packaging industry, which is also the direction of our efforts.


BH mortar Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, production, sales and service. The company is committed to the research and development of automatic control system of mechanical equipment and the production and sales of full-automatic packaging and stacking equipment. We can provide you with a complete set of solutions for packaging and palletizing production line and full-automatic packaging production line.


Our products are widely used in chemical industry, building materials, cement, feed, refractories, water purification materials and other industries. Our company advocates the entrepreneurial spirit of “pragmatism, preciseness and innovation” and the spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship. "Exchange service and sincerity for your trust and support, mutual benefit and create a win-win situation!" In the future, we will continue to adhere to the enterprise philosophy of “innovation, transcendence and integrity”, manufacture high-quality automatic packaging and stacking equipment, and provide high-quality services. In the new historical period, we will provide our customers with high-quality products and services based on advanced management concepts, excellent production equipment and high-quality staff.

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