Dry mixing station operation and maintenance points

June 24, 2019
dry mortar plant
1.Power on the equipment: 
The power on sequence: the main switch → each sub-circuit breaker → small control circuit breaker → emergency stop→key switch; 
The power off sequence is reversed; 
The phenomenon of closing or pulling the brake must be eliminated (that is contactor suction state can't pulls the circuit breaker); in the case of normal continuous production, you can leave the circuit breaker on, but when equipment is turned off for a long time or in severe thunderstorms weather,the circuit breaker must be switched off.
2, Production system:
(1) Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to make sure that no one is on the machine for maintenance and repair, and three rings are ringing; it is necessary to confirm that each circuit breaker is in the closed state.
(2) Open the production air compressor. If it is operated for the first time after a long shutdown, it is necessary to click on each pneumatic valve to check whether the action and feedback signal are normal.
(3), Select the finished product discharge path, and watch whether the selection is in place through the upper computer screen and prompts. (4), Open the mixing host, mixing and lifting → mixing spiral → sand belt.
sand belt → mixing spiral → mixing lifting → mixing host → air compressor.
(1) Under normal circumstances, the shutdown shall ensure that the materials in the machine of sand mixing belt, mixing screw, mixing lifting and mixing host are unloaded cleanly, so that starting the machine next time without load.
(2) During the production process, the operator should pay close attention to whether the metering valve and the scale door valve are leaking material(it can be clearly seen from the weight data on the scale), whether the hoist and the stirring host current are normal, and whether the upper machine running animation is normally, if you find a small problem, you can click “Pause”. After solving, click “Continue”; but the problem cannot continue to produce. You need to click “Reset”. After the problem is solved, first, manually handle the materials in each equipment, intermediate bin, and scale body before starting the automatic production again.
(3) The operator must understand the meaning of each set parameter. Regularly check whether the parameters of each set interface are reasonable. Be careful when changing. Do not set by mistake; Normally, the limit of each valve must be checked.
(4) At the end of each production, Air compressor must delay more than half an hour to stop,so as to ensure that the air pressure will blow back the filter element of each dust collector.
(5) During operation, pay attention to observe the current of the hoist and the mixing machine, and find that the abnormality stops working in time.
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