Congratulations to BH's fully automatic dry mortar production line for complete technical guidance

November 05, 2019

Our technicians going to Romania returned to the country after a month.

On September 25th, the personnel took the plane to Iraq to carry out technical guidance work for the full automatic dry mix mortar production line.

After continuous negotiation and negotiation between the two parties, the technical guidance work of thisfull automatic dry mix mortar production line was successfully completed on October 24. Returning on the 26th, arrived early on the 27th.

Although the technical guidance work of this full automatic dry mix mortar production line has ended, our service will not end. At the same time, we can also provide the company with a set of one-stop and one-stop services for the design, production, installation and technical support of dry mortar production line. We treat each customer as if it were the same for our members. Hundreds of enthusiasm to serve each customer to achieve each customer's satisfaction and recognition.

Welcome everyone to come to the consultation, as well as supervision and guidance of our work, look forward to your joining.


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