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Dry powder mortar course

December 26, 2019
In the field of external wall insulation in 2005, dry powder mortar was still a new term. At that time, two-component adhesive mortar, plastering mortar, and tile adhesive were also mainly used. Emulsion and rubber powder are fiercely competitive. Emulsion is rubber powder, which has poor water resistance, poor flexibility, and high cost. Rubber powder is an emulsion, which is not easy to transport and store. Later, driven by national policies, rubber powders defeated emulsions, but in some demanding areas, such as flexible putty for exterior walls, and emulsion applications, the impact has been minimal. From then on, all the rubber powders in the world will hear advantages, no disadvantages, and irreplaceable products.
From this fact, we can see that the emulsion itself is not wrong, because it has been replaced by the powder. Any product has advantages and disadvantages, technology is constantly improving, and people's concepts are constantly changing.
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