50TPH Fully Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line in Malaysia

March 19, 2018

01   Project Introduction


1.   Our company signed a 50TPH dry mortar plant project in Malaysia with a listed real estate company in Germany in March 2018.


2.   This project is a station-type fully automatic large-scale dry powder mortar production line.


3.   The main components of the project consists of sand drying system, dust removal system, screening system, weighing system, intelligent computer control system, 8 sets large-capacity storage bins, 2 sets double-shaft mixers, 2 sets open packaging machines and 1 Jamboo bag packing machine and other related supporting systems.


4.   The overall engineering design, equipment supply and equipment installation and commissioning training of the project are all completed by our company. The project has successfully passed the acceptance in March 2018 and was handed over to the owner for full production.


BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd


02   Project Details


1.   Project name: 50TPH fully automatic dry mortar production line in Malaysia


2.   Customer needs: Fully automated, with an output of 50t/h, equipped with dual mixing hosts, fully automatic packaging system, to meet high-precision packaging needs.


3.   Completion date: March 2018


4.   Configuration details:






Sand Drying system

 • Three cylinder rotary sand dryer: capacity 50TPH.

 • Discharge temperature ≤ 60 degrees Celsius. Discharge humidity ≤ 0.5 %.



Dust Removal system

 • 4 sets independent dusting system.

 • Filtration area 2000㎡.



Screening system

 • Vibrating screen:50TPH.

 • Screening accuracy up to 99%.



Weighing system

 • Independent weighing system for powder and sand.

 • The weighing accuracy is as high as 99.8%.



Mixing system

 • Dual-host mixing system, twin shaft dry mortar mixers output 30TPH+20 TPH.

 • Suitable for all kinds of powder and granular materials less than 5mm. Mixing uniformity 99.9%.



Raw material storage system

 • 5 sets of 100t powder storage silo.

 • 3 sets of 150t sand storage silo.



Packaging system

 • 2 sets open packaging machines + 1 set Jamboo bag packing machine.

 • The packaging accuracy of the open packaging machine reaches 99.96%.



Smart computer control system

 • Fault warning patent for security assurance and reliability.

 • Report classification and summary query function.


Product service

 • One stop solution.

 • Senior engineer guides the installation and commissioning training on site.


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03   Project Completed on-site Details Demonstrate

Feed System and Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer


 Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Drye

Feed System and Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer


Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Drye

Dry Mortar Packing Machine


Automatic open mouth packing machine

Dry Mortar Packing Machine


Automatic open mouth packing machine


50TPH fully automatic dry mortar production line in Malaysia


04   Conclusion
1.    BH company is a professional dry mix mortar production line manufacturer with more than 27 years of rich experience.
2.    As a comprehensive supplier of mixed packaging, grinding, drying, bulk storage projects, BH professional technical team provides customized project design, equipment manufacturing, installation and training under environmental impact assessment (EIA data).
3.    The company integrates the advantages of design, processing and manufacturing, construction and installation, and technical services. In the future, our company will further consolidate its advantages, innovate and develop, and create the greatest economic benefits for each owner.

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