【Dubai Big5 Exhibition】BH Shines at Dubai Dubai Big5 Expos

July 29, 2023
From December 5th to 8th, 2022, the 43rd Dubai Big5 Industry Exhibition will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center.
The exhibition is the most influential large-scale construction, building materials, energy and service exhibition in the Middle East.
A total of 223 Chinese companies participated in the exhibition offline this year.
BH company also appeared in the exhibition, booth number: SS2C88.
01  Exhibition event
At the exhibition, BH's dry mortar production line attracted the attention of many participants.
BH Corporation Shines at Dubai Five Major Industry Expos
During the exhibition, dry mortar investors from the Middle East frequently stopped at BH's booth to inquire about related product information.
The overseas marketing personnel of BH Company enthusiastically and patiently introduced the equipment technology to the merchants and answered questions.


BH participate in Dubai Big5 Exhibition


02   Exhibition Introduction
Exhibition Name: 2022 Dubai Top Five Industry Exhibition | Middle East Top Five Industry Exhibition
Exhibition time: December 5-8, 2022
Venue: Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates
Exhibition cycle: Once a year
Exhibited industry: Building materials exhibition
Sponsor: DMG British Royal Media Group DMG World Media
BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd
The exhibition covers the five major industries of construction, namely:
•      MEP services (water treatment, HVAC, refrigeration)
•      Building interior and decoration
•      Construction machinery and design
•      Construction tools and building materials
•      Building technology and innovation
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