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Dry mortar mixer

July 29, 2023
With strict quality control and management system, our dry mortar mixers are now achieve the 100% good quality before delivery from factory, with more than 3 times test. Our professional service and good quality won many regular clients allover the world. 
35 days ago, Brazil client placed his third order of two sets of automatic dry mortar mixers to expand production in overseas. To catch up with his set up schedule, our factory had meetings to discuss the production schedule in coordination with the domestic clients orders of dry mortar mixer, it’s honored our every staff are very responsible and tried to work overshift to produce the dry mortar mixer in earlier time. With all our efforts, the dry mortar mixers for Brazil client completed in very good finishing work, and delivered to Santos days this week as scheduled to start it’s new life there. Will see them later in Brazil to installation and debugging.
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