【Philconstruct 2023 Manila】BH Makes a Surprise Appearance at Philconstruct 2023

November 20, 2023

High-quality Belt and Road Cooperation, BH Makes a Surprise Appearance at Philconstruct 2023


From 9~12 November 2023, the annual expo of Philconstruct was held in SMX Convention and Exhibition Center in Manila, Philippines, which is a prestigious construction machinery and mining machinery exhibition in the Philippines with exhibition area: 2815.00 square meters.


The exhibition brings together equipment manufacturers producing cement, concrete, dry building mixes, aggregates and prefabrication plants. More than 639 companies from 18 countries participated in the exhibition. It attracted more than 45,489 visitors. BH was invited to participate in this exhibition.

 BH at Philconstruct BH at Philconstruct 1

The Philippine construction industry has always been one of the important pillars of the national economy. In recent years, the Philippines has continuously increased its efforts in infrastructure construction, including roads, Bridges, airports, ports and other projects, which has provided a huge market demand for the construction machinery industry. As the global emphasis on environmental protection continues to increase, the local is also facing more stringent environmental requirements, so the construction machinery industry only through reducing energy consumption, reducing exhaust emissions and increasing recycling and other measures, actively respond to environmental challenges, in order to promote the industry to a more environmentally friendly, sustainable development direction transformation.


BH at Philconstruct expo BH at Philconstruct expo 1

In order to meet the local development needs of the Philippines, BH launched a number of products to participate in the exhibition, energy-saving, low-carbon and efficient equipment, which attracted the attention of many people from the Philippines and the construction machinery industry. This exhibition allows local professional customers to have a deeper understanding of BH series products. At the exhibition, BH showed its technical strength, product performance and innovation ability to the industry and professional audiences from all over the world. BH equipment can carefully design product solutions according to the various needs of different operating scenarios to meet the diversified application scenarios. Its stability, reliability and efficiency have won the attention of visitors.


BH is committed to providing quality products and services to customers around the world. As early as 2017, BH has entered the Philippine market and won the recognition of the Philippine market with its high-quality products and services. The exhibition also once again demonstrated the competitiveness of BH products in the international market.

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