【Dubai Big5 Exhibition】BH Dry Mortar Production Line at The Big 5 Expo

January 08, 2024

BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd, as a leader in dry mortar production lines, has become the focus of attention at the recent The Big 5 exhibition in Dubai with the excellent products and solutions.


The Big 5 exhibition in Dubai is a grand gathering of the global construction industry. Building materials, technologies and solutions from around the world are brought together here. As a leader in the industry, BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd displayed its latest developed dry mortar production line. The production line adopts advanced automation technology to ensure efficient, stable and continuous production of mortar. At the same time, the production line is also extremely flexible and can be customized and configured according to customer needs to meet various construction needs.

 dry mortar plant manufacturer in the Big 5 Dubai

At the exhibition site, many architects and engineers from all over the world have shown strong interest in the BH series dry mortar production line. They all said that this product not only improved the quality of construction, but also greatly shortened the construction cycle, which was a revolutionary change in the construction industry. BH has successfully attracted global attention with excellent products and solutions.

         dry mortar production line supplier in the Big 5 Dubai and Saudi Arabia

BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd will continue to uphold the concepts of innovation, quality and environmental protection and continue to launch more excellent dry mortar production line products in the coming days. We believe that with the continuous advancement of technology and the growing market demand, dry mortar production lines will play a more important role in the construction industry. 

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