Innovative Technology Leads Industry Trend, Efficient and Energy-Saving Three-Cylinder Dryer Shipped

March 06, 2024

With the continuous advancement of technology, drying equipment in the industrial sector is also experiencing upgrading and renewal. Recently, a new type of three-cylinder dryer were shipped delivery, marking another solid step forward in drying technology.

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The three-cylinder dryer has innovatively improved its internal structure while inheriting the advantages of the single-cylinder dryer. By adding pre-drying of wet materials before entering the machine and prolonging the drying time of wet materials inside the machine, it achieves more efficient material drying results. At the same time, sealing, insulation, and reasonable supporting measures have increased the production capacity of the dryer by 48-80% compared to the single-cylinder dryer. Moreover, the unit volume evaporation intensity of the three-cylinder dryer can reach to 120-180kg/m³, the standard coal consumption in 6-8kg/t, which truly achieving high efficiency and energy saving.


The material inside the cylinder exchanges heat with the hot air stream in the form of radiation, convection, and conduction, while outside the cylinder, heat exchange occurs mainly through convection and conduction, making the drying process more uniform and efficient. The external surface area of the three-cylinder dryer is reduced by more than 30% compared to the single-cylinder rotary dryer. This design not only reduces the space occupied but also enhances the thermal insulation effect of the outer cylinder on the inner cylinder, resulting in a lower surface temperature of the outer cylinder and reduced heat loss. This design contributes to high efficiency and energy saving, significantly improves the working environment and conditions and   delivering tangible benefits to users. 

 yellow sand dryer

As we look ahead, we are excited about the potential of this three-cylinder dryer to revolutionize the drying industry and set new standards for efficiency and sustainability.

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