【Dry Mortar Plant Investment】Equipment Selection for Dry Mortar Production Line

July 20, 2018

Once you have decided to invest in a dry mortar production line, the next step is to select the appropriate equipment, which will directly impact the price and operational costs of the dry mortar production line.


You can determine the detailed configuration and technical parameters of the dry mortar production line based on the following aspects:


1. Product Types


•     Firstly, you need to clarify the types of dry mortar products you wish to produce, including ordinary mortar, specialty mortar, etc.


•     Different product types may require different production processes and equipment configurations.


•     For example, different packaging machines are needed for final products with different particle sizes, and different mixing machines are required for products with different raw material properties.


2. Production Scale


•     Next, you need to specify the scale of dry mortar production you aim for.


•     Different scales of dry mortar production lines will have significant differences in configuration and investment.


•     If you have sufficient operating capital and a good market for sales, it is advisable to invest in a large•    scale dry mortar production line.


•     If initial capital is limited, you may consider starting with a small scale dry mortar production line.


 3. Automation Level


•     Furthermore, you need to determine the desired level of automation for the dry mortar production line.


•     The level of automation directly affects the construction investment and operational costs of the dry mortar production line.


•     Increasing the level of automation can improve production efficiency and product quality while reducing labor costs.


4. Energy Consumption and Environmental Considerations


•     Lastly, you need to ensure that the purchased mortar production line is compatible with the energy supply and environmental requirements of the project location.


•     The dry mortar production line must comply with local environmental standards to ensure adherence to environmental regulations.


•     For customers requiring sand drying equipment, the type of heat source and its ability to supply as needed should be considered.


You can also consult BH Company's technical engineers for free according to your specific requirements.


Please provide information about the types and output of dry mortar you plan to produce, the types of raw materials, the level of automation for the production line, and the height and area of the factory.


BH Company's professional engineers will configure the dry mortar production line equipment based on your project needs.

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