How to maintain the dry mortar plant machines

August 02, 2019

Our company has accumulated a lot of experience in the production and manufacturing of mixing machines. But how to maintain the dry mortar plant machines?


Here we list a few simple and effective maintenance methods:

1.Clean the discharge mechanism. The discharge mechanism needs to be flexible in the mixing machine’s operation. At this point, the cleaning mechanism should be cleaned frequently, and the residue such as dust should be cleaned up in time to prevent the machinery from being affected the normal operation.

2.Oil the lubrication. the mixing machine often works, the bearing wear is more powerful, oiling timely to maintain the bearing's lubrication function, can reduce the bearing wear, and then play a maintenance role for the mixing machine.

3.Clean the chain. Clean oil transmission chain frequently when the oil works, use mechanical oil No. 30, the oiling work is done in a fixed period, maintain lubrication of the chain to support the machine works normally.

4.Change reducer’s oil Regularly. After the first time, the refueling machine is operated for more than 500 hours, it needs to be updated with new oil. After continuous operation, it can be updated once every six months. Remember to buy brand lubricants oil to avoid inferior lubricants damagements to the machines.


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