【Dry Mortar Plant Installation】Installation and Commissioning of Dry Mortar Production Line

June 20, 2018
The installation and commissioning of the dry mortar production line are crucial stages before the equipment can operate safely and steadily.
Only with proper installation and commissioning can the dry mortar production line maintain continuous and stable operation.
Throughout the process, maintaining communication with the equipment manufacturer or professional technical personnel and promptly addressing any issues will facilitate the smooth completion of the installation and commissioning work.
Process of Installation and Commissioning:
1.   Equipment Preparation: Confirm the integrity of all equipment and components and assemble and install them following the equipment manual.
2.   Site Preparation: Ensure that the installation site meets the requirements, providing sufficient space with a level and sturdy floor in accordance with the equipment layout plan.
3.   Equipment Positioning: Position each equipment accurately according to the production line's process flow and equipment layout diagram and secure them firmly.
4.   Conveyor Connection: Connect conveyors, transmission systems, and other equipment components to ensure smooth operation.
5.   Electrical Connection: Follow the electrical drawings to correctly connect cables, motors, sensors, controllers, and complete the electrical circuit.
6.   Lubrication Filling: Fill the lubrication system with the specified lubricating oil to ensure proper equipment lubrication.
7.   Trial Run: Gradually start the equipment under no-load conditions, checking for smooth operation and any abnormal noises or vibrations.
Key Considerations:
1.   Safety: Strictly adhere to safety operating procedures and wear necessary personal protective equipment during the installation and commissioning process.
2.   Equipment Leveling: Ensure the equipment is leveled and securely installed to avoid operational imbalances due to instability.
3.   Component Inspection: Before installation, inspect equipment components for completeness and quality compliance, promptly replacing any defective parts.
4.   System Commissioning: Prior to equipment startup, meticulously inspect the electrical system to ensure correct connections and prevent electrical faults.
5.   Lubrication Maintenance: Utilize specified lubrication oil and adhere to regular replacement schedules to ensure smooth equipment operation.
6.   Process Parameters: Set equipment parameters during the commissioning process strictly in accordance with process requirements to ensure product quality compliance.
7.   Trial Run Record: Document data and parameters during the commissioning process, facilitating subsequent maintenance and optimization work.
8.   Operator Training: Conduct training for operators after commissioning completion to ensure their proficient understanding of equipment operation and maintenance.
The above outlines the general process of installing and commissioning a dry mortar production line, along with key considerations. Specific adjustments and additions may be necessary depending on the equipment model and production line characteristics.
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