【Dry Mortar Plant Maintenance】How to Properly Maintain the Dry Mortar Plant

June 10, 2018

The maintenance of dry mortar production line is the key to ensure the normal operation of equipment and improve production efficiency.


This article will introduce the maintenance technology of the dry mortar production line in detail to provide a complete set of operation guidelines.


1. Regular cleaning


•     Clean up the dust and sundries inside the equipment every week, especially in the conveyor belt, agitator and storage bin.


•     Ensure the smooth ventilation of the equipment and prevent the dust from affecting the production efficiency and equipment life.


2. Lubrication and maintenance


•     According to the requirements of the equipment operation manual, regularly check and replace the lubricating oil of the equipment.


•     Pay attention to using the specified type and brand of lubricating oil to keep the running parts of the equipment lubricated and smooth.


3. Component inspection


•     Regularly inspect the key components of the equipment, such as conveyors, agitators, delivery pipes, etc.


•     Ensure their normal operation and no damage.


4. Fastener inspection


•     Check whether the fasteners on the equipment are loose, and if they are loose, tighten them in time to prevent equipment vibration and failure.


5. Electrical equipment inspection


•     Regularly inspect electrical equipment, including cables, motors, controllers, etc., to ensure the safety and stability of the electrical system.


•     Pay attention to check the grounding of the equipment to prevent accidents caused by electrical failures.


6. Anti-corrosion treatment


•     Anti-corrosion treatment is carried out on the corrosive equipment parts and surfaces in a corrosive environment, such as spraying anti-corrosion paint.


•     Regularly check the condition of the coating and repair it in time.


7. Replacement of worn parts


•     Replace severely worn parts in time, such as mixing blades, filters, etc., to maintain the normal operation of the equipment.


•     Use reliable original parts or qualified replacements for replacement.


8. Shutdown maintenance


•     Regular shutdown maintenance of equipment, including inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement of necessary parts.


•     Conduct a comprehensive inspection and test on the equipment, find problems and deal with them in time to avoid production loss caused by downtime.


9. Training operators


•     Ensure that equipment operators have the correct operation methods and maintenance knowledge to avoid equipment failure due to improper operation.


10. Regular inspection


•     Regularly invite manufacturers or professional technicians to conduct comprehensive inspection and maintenance of equipment.


•     Ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.


Only by paying full attention to the maintenance of equipment can we ensure that the drymortar production line is always in the best condition and maximize the production efficiency.


If you want to get a more detailed maintenance manual of dry powder mortar production line, or you have other questions about the maintenance and maintenance of dry powder mortar, please contact the professional equipment engineer of BH company to get it for free.




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