【Customer Visit】Welcome Malaysia Clients to Visit BH Factory

August 15, 2017
BH Factory warmly welcomes the visit of our esteemed clients from Malaysia who are interested in purchasing a large-scale dry mortar production line.
After three months of thorough comparisons and extensive business negotiations, the clients have expressed a strong preference for purchasing our dry mortar production line.
Last week, the Malaysian clients made the decision to visit BH Factory as a final inspection before the contract signing.
Our team at BH Company received the clients with great enthusiasm and friendliness.
Our equipment engineers provided a detailed introduction to the workshop production and dry-mix mortar equipment we offer.
The clients were highly satisfied with our dry mortar production line and promptly decided to sign a purchase contract for the 50TPH dry mortar production line with BH Company.
BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd
01   Client Profile
•      Client: Malaysian Building Materials Supplier
•      Requirement: New 50TPH Masonry Mortar Production Line
•      Visit Time: August 2017
•      Follow-up: Placed an order for a set of 50TPH masonry mortar equipment.
The dry mortar production line was successfully put into operation in March 2018. Click here to view the case details.
02   BH Extends a Warm Welcome to All Clients for On-Site Inspections.
As a leading manufacturer of construction materials and equipment, we are committed to providing exceptional products and top-notch services.
Customer satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit, as we believe that only with satisfied customers can we achieve long-term development.
Therefore, we highly value your buying experience and cordially invite you to visit our factory to confirm that the equipment we offer is your best choice.
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