【Customer Visit】Welcome Nigerian Customers to Visit BH Factory

June 20, 2017
A customer from Nigeria wants to buy a 15TPH waterproof mortar production line.
After a long comparison and negotiation, the customer expressed a strong preference for purchasing our dry powder mortar production line.
Last week, the customer decided to visit the BH factory and discuss the details of the contract offline.
BH company warmly and friendly received customers.
The equipment engineer of BH company introduced our workshop production and dry-mixed mortar equipment to the customer in detail.
The customer is very satisfied with our waterproof mortar production line, and immediately decided to establish cooperation with BH company.
BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd
01   Customer Profile
•      Customer: Nigerian building materials supplier
•      Demand: New 15TPH waterproof mortar production line
•      Access time: June 2017
•      Follow-up: Ordered a set of 15TPH waterproof mortar production line.
The waterproof mortar production line was finally put into operation in November 2017. Click to view case details.
02   BH Welcomes Every Customer to Visit
As a leading manufacturer of building materials and equipment, we are committed to providing superior products and quality services.
Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. Only when customers rest assured can we achieve long-term development.
Therefore, we attach great importance to your buying experience, and you are very welcome to visit our factory to confirm that the equipment we provide is your best choice.
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